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Memorial Weekend Recap

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This past weekend ushered in the unofficial start of summer: barbeques, amusement parks, swimming pools, parades and the streets and sidewalks coming alive after a cold winter and plentiful spring showers.

The weather here was incredible! It was unseasonably hot and humid but that’s what Midwest living gets you….wouldn’t change it for anything. Hopefully it was a safe and enjoyable one with decent weather where you were.

My sole mission was to have a fun-filled 3 day weekend and can happily report that I enjoyed every minute of it.


My typical Friday night routine is pretty much set in stone regardless of the season. After the gym, I went to a wine tasting.


French wines are usually made to accompany food.

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I actually got into attending wine tasting events a few years back when I was going to Europe and wanted to become better acquainted with French burgundy, bordeaux, cabernet and syrah. I am by no means an expert but I am intrigued on the pairings and with learning and growing/expanding my comfort zone. I enjoying imagining all the things I will one day prepare and what will go best with each dish, course or meal.

What I like about all the events that I’ve attended is that they are really well-prepared and they all have themes by region, holiday, ethnicity, main course, etc. The theme for the partical event I attended was appropriately enough “Grillin’ Out” and featured some really good wines and dishes to cook/serve outdoors.

I hope to post more in a separate post about the wine tasting over on the food related pages (which I have also been neglecting but have oodles & oddles to share). I haven’t given up on that and have a flurry of notes of things I’d plan to share sooner than later.

After leaving the wine tasting, I scooted over to one of my favorite Starbucks, had some java and linked up to the Starbucks Digital Network.

It is via SDN that I became acquainted with the documentaries on Snag Films. Yea, I know…fun times on a Friday night: sipping coffee while watching thought-provoking documentaries. I’ve said it before and staunchly REPEAT we can’t all be grown & sexy party animals…some of us have to mind the store and post bail for the rest.


I met up with my knitting circle and spent a great portion of my morning and early afternoon knitting, UNknitting and then correctly REknitting. I am apparently a natural and took right to knitting so it’s a fun new pasttime I enjoy. Especially since I sew and overall am an art & crafts type, I have the patience and the mind’s eye that let’s me see beyond the needles and the yarn into an actual project.

I had intended to try to go to a gourmet cooking demonstration but my doggedness in getting my piecework just so before setting it aside didn’t afford me that opportunity. Therefore, I just copped the recipe (because all I really wanted to do was taste the dish so that I’d have a point of reference other than my own taste buds) and I juggled my schedule of events.

I attended Saturday afternoon church service and heard a really good message about extending grace and forgiveness to others. I could echo a lot of the sentiments and find it very interesting because I had just been “counseling” someone on the beauty of forgiveness and how it brings so much peace to your life.

As a matter of fact, I seem to be a broken record about that very topic and have had to rewind that record several times over the course of the year and in the very recent past. I had no idea how many people harbor hidden resentments and it is really astounding to hear how long some people have carried malice in their hearts.

I feel extremely blessed to have gotten to the point of forgiveness and allowing it to be a force in my life.

After leaving church I headed downtown to continue my “Foodie Weekend” at The Taste of Cincinnati and allowed (planned) to indulge myself with caloric intake being a non-issue. As always it was very crowded but I knew before going that there weren’t going to be as many vendors as in years past which was slightly disappointing and virtually no vegetarian or vegan options to try but I had a good time nonetheless and planned to hit it up once more before the weekend was over.


I started my Sunday off with another routine–fitness class at the gym. Decided against going back to The Taste and instead spent the day running errands and taking advantage of the less crowded stores. I cheated on my Foodie Weekend plans and had soup and salad for dinner. I can only consume so much junk before my body threatens to revolt. Had a nice restful night’s sleep in preparation for the last day of events.


I am not a big movie goer and believe it was actually last summer since I darkened the threshold of a theater. So as it seems to happen on holidays, I thought to myself: Today would be a good day to see a movie, low crowds and no talking and I just woke up so I won’t be ready for a nap anytime soon. So with those thoughts in mind, off I went with no thought as to what to see or what even was showing.

I took to my favorite social media outlets asking for recommendations and wound up going to see Bridesmaids. I found it very entertaining and even caught some previews of movies that I will try to attempt to go see. I am usually so bad because I forget something is coming out because it’s not my thing to even check the movie reviews. But there are a few non-sequel movies that I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Since I decided to go to the movies, I bypassed lunch and swung back through The Taste to grab a couple items that I didn’t get on Saturday. Honestly, I usually have a limit on what I can consume comfortably which is why I have to plan accordingly or attend more than one day.

Early afternoon found myself in the gym test driving a kickboxing class and I loved it! I used to go at a previous gym and it’s an amazing core workout. Although it’s offered a little late for my liking, I definitely think I will get in the Monday evening class once my other Monday night commitment ends. Then I will have to see about taking a nap to hit a 7:00 p.m. class on Thursdays as well. I thought taking classes after 5:30 pm was crazy because that’s usually when I’m ready to head out the door FROM working out. But it’s worth making the adjustments to the schedule for sure so I will try to see what I can configure in my day to make it a reality.

Spent the early evening get things ready for the upcoming shortened workweek and still managed not to get to bed any sooner than normal. Once again…typical night before returning to work!

I am really looking forward to doing a lot more now that the summer concert series are starting up and all the outdoor events are taking place. Or just simply to do what I did last weekend and have picnics both Saturday and Sunday. There’s nothing like have some time in the sun!

~Peace & Blessings~


NFL Kickoff: This Was The Weekend That Was

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Well, last weekend being Labor Day we unofficially kissed summer goodbye with the last hurrah of that holiday as well as welcomed the return of college football (Go COLONELS). Technically we have about a week & half left until the vernal equinox befalls so we have this upcoming weekend to send out the summer of 2010 with a bang. I will have to see what I can do in light of that.

This weekend though as the blog title states was all about NFL season officially starting at what a weekend it was.

Thursday I decided to watch the season opener at BW3 or Buffalo Wild Wings which is a locally started wing joint. They changed it from the original logo/name of Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck …probably because no one knew what weck was and that is wasn’t on the menu?

I am not a chicken eater (bad experience with a chicken leg at the age of 7) but once the boneless wings came along, I jumped on board because those are like big chicken nuggets. They have a wide range of sauces to choose from ranging from mild to hot. I like the Asian Zing, Caribbean Jerk, and Mango Habanero (left to right above 8th, 9th & 12th sauces) but have tried many of them including some of their limited edition dry rubs however, more partial to a really wet wing.

Regrettably, with the late start of the game, I was only able to hang until halftime before I packed it in and headed home.

Sunday, after church I was intending to go watch inside but the weather was nice & crisp and just begging for me to be outside watching so I watched with many other Bengals fans as they got put through the wringer by the Patriots. Happily they managed to get on the board before halftime but as can sometimes be their dollar short/day late status they really blew two quarters which could have had it being a closer game. A final score of 38-24 is way less embarrassing than the 24-3 halftime score.

Another reason for choosing to go watch outside was that this weekend was Beerfest

Here are the notable brews I sampled and I do tend to go for the seasonal brews during these types of festivals or when I frequent brewery/eateries. (Note: the WOODCHUCK brand is gluten free if that makes you feel better.)






And hands-down the weirdest food item of the day was courtesy of a restaurant called Tom+Chee (check out the menu here: ) they specialize in you guessed it grilled cheese & tomato soup but it’s done with a twist.….

They slice a glazed donut ( I think it’s a Krispy Kreme), turn it inside-out, add your choice of cheese (I chose cheddar) then grilled it into this golden goodness.

I don’t think that I’d ever eat this again….just one of those things to say I tried it!

And there you have the high points of my weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours, too!

~peace & blessings~