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On a rainy day….I might just get wet.

Posted in Memories with tags on March 12, 2010 by Angela


Last summer Mint Condition finally made it to the city, as with just about every other artist of merit I cannot recall the last time that occurred. It usually is in conjunction with some other type of event. This happened to be sponsored by one of the local radio stations.

This city really doesn’t rate too highly among artists and I am fairly sure its due in part to some weird tax on entertainers & performers that no one likes to talk about publicly much. However, I am going to get the particulars about it because its kept a lot of revenue out of the city and we are basically non-existent on the tour dates of many. Okay, enough of that side-rant…back to my story.

The performance was held in an outdoor amphitheater along the river. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I spent the earlier part of the day in the library and then volunteering at my company’s booth.

I miss working downtown because I would often walk down & spend my lunch along the river. Very calming & soothing being near the water….if you didn’t look directly into the murkiness or pay attention to when the coal & trash barges were heading downstream.

Eventually, Mint Condition takes the stage and gives a really good show however as the show progressed the storm clouds that had been forecast finally rolled in and the intermittent sprinkles began.

If you’ve ever been to a real outdoor concert or event, you know that there’s nothing short of lightning stopping it. Umbrellas, ponchos & makeshift coverings come out. The folks who had pitched tents earlier in the day were sitting the prettiest right about then.

I had of course brought an umbrella but didn’t want to fool with the hassle of opening it and interrupting my groove so I kept right on enjoying the concert. Besides I was able to easily be covered by other folk’s golf-sized umbrellas without having to be surreptitious.

The inevitable flash of lightning made it necessary to call the concert to an end so as the venue thins out more & more I begin to make my way to one of the exits as well.

I open my umbrella and try to maneuver through the maze of people carrying picnic baskets, blankets & lawn chairs. It is very slow going as you may well imagine.

I fold up my umbrella and find the traversing much lighter. However the rain is steadily coming down harder so I decide to kick off my shoes which are also hindering my progress and threatening to get ruined dodging puddles.

I began skipping and laughing as I strategically weaved in and out the bewildered passers-by emerging from the baseball stadium. I ducked & dodged on my toes, timing it so there was barely any pausing at the crosswalks during light changes.

Noticing one pedestrian sign about to change to WALK, I sang out “GO, GO, GO” to the people standing still at the corner who were blocking my path.

I looked back, waving & smiling as they parted to let me pass through so I could keep crossing the street.

That was without a doubt one of the best nights I had that summer from start to finish.

Recently on the wedding show of last season’s Bachelor Jason & Molly, it began to rain early in the morning on the day of their outdoor wedding. By the start of the ceremony things had cleared up and the show went out. During the vows, it began drizzling and then full on raining. Guests were previously provided with clear umbrellas and the ceremony went on without missing a beat.

Literally, there are a lot of times that I will opt to allow myself to get wet because I feel foolish putting up an umbrella or don’t want to bother with it. I pride myself on not getting that wet most of the time.

However, figuratively there are also a lot of times I allow myself to get wet, too. The reasons vary but there are a few main ones I need to break myself from doing on purpose. There are those that have nothing to do with the spontaneity or vibrancy that a storm shower can provide.

Life’s ups & downs have taught me to be prepared but there is certain sweetness to being able to spontaneously dance (or in the case of that story skip/run) in the rain and to welcome and embrace it with open arms. My challenge to myself is to know when to not to “punish” myself with getting wet and brush it off as not being important.

We’ll see how that works because there are so many times I just want to go outside in the rain……


Rainy Days

Posted in Memories with tags on March 12, 2010 by Angela


Oh yeah, spring is only 8 days away!!!

Despite it being mid-March the rain is on the horizon and has made enough of its presence known to rival the warmer temperature.

Having been born & raised in the Midwest, I am rather partial to having four true seasons so some way, some how…….

I’ve come to have a natural affinity and love for the various forms of precipitation whether it be rain, snow, dew, frost, sleet or hail. I find each one fascinating and stimulating in it’s own right.

 These are a few of the things I specifically like about rain:

~~ I love sitting in a candlelit room while watching midnight thunderstorms light up the sky, the random flashes of lightning causing me to pause in anticipation of the clap of thunder–trying to time the exact moment when it will occur.

 ~~ I love to close my eyes and concentrate on the sound of the rain as I’m sitting underneath an open shelter in the park or on the steps beneath an aluminum porch awning, listening to see if I can detect a melody.

~~ I love sitting below a bridge, watching the ripples lapping along the banks, seeing how they rise & fall as the pace of the river increases.

 ~~ I love the sound as cars plow through it, I love splashing in puddles and seeing how high and far I can make the water jump, the sound the run-off makes rushing through a gutter or drain spout.

~~ I love reclining in a parked car, windows slightly cracked to catch windblown raindrops as I’m watching the sheets of rain glide across the windshield, tracing their paths across the hood to see if I can create shapes, numbers or letters to spell out words.

 ~~ I love slow, easy strolls in a steady, warm drizzle–barefoot if it’s nice enough–as I enjoy the rain cascading down on me, relishing the feel of how it gradually drenches my hair causing it to stick to my face, ears & neck, how it alters the color of my shoes or clothes taking them from their naturally “dry” opaque shades to semi-dry to damp to completely “wet” translucent, sometimes transparent, shades.

 ~~ I love tilting my face upward as the rain gently caresses my face, making droplets that cling to my eyelashes before making their way down my cheeks and if my timing’s correct–eventually to rest on the tip of my outstretched tongue.

~~ I love the goosebumps & slight chill the rain creates on my skin, causing me to race inside to a warm, soothing bath or shower, after which I cuddle up with a cup of tea…….

Silently and patiently waiting for the rainbows to appear.