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Sunrise vs. Sunset

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Sunrise at Lake Macquarie

I am equally enamored with sunrises and sunsets. I have seen and captured photographs of some very lovely ones of both. Quite frequently I change my background or screensaver or simply just look at pictures when the mood to experience one strikes.

I would have to say that hands down my forever favorite location for viewing them is over a body of water because there is an incredibly ethereal beauty in the way it is endlessly reflected.

I’ve been blessed enough to see them in various islands of the caribbean such as St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Martinique as well as the beaches of Italy, France, Spain and numerous places stateside.

One other pleasure I’ve enjoyed over the years is to view sunsets or sunrises across the world via because it instantly takes me away to a locale with a much truer visual than I could ever imagine.

I feel that each signifies an ending giving way to a beautiful new beginning which at day’s end rests itself perfectly in a momentary, peaceful slumber….

~Peace & Blessings~

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What Goes Around, Comes Around…Goes Back Around Again, Comes Back Around Again????

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Okay, this is another one of my timeless rhetorical musings……

I’ve always wondered whether this is more than simply a catchy word of warning. Is it a divine retribution that cannot be escaped regardless of one’s spiritual beliefs? As my belief system resides in Christianity, I distinctly remember countless warnings while growing up of reaping what you sow…….Really simple and self-explanatory.

I can also vaguely recall it being said there being a divine retribution in a future existence for the unsavory acts that we engage in during this lifetime (can’t really remember what belief system this is for sure, I would guess it could loosely encompass quite a few).

If you wrong someone, is the wrong that comes back to you directly proportionate or disproportionate? Is it exactly alike or is it slightly similar in its intensity?

When does it (payback) honestly end? When exactly does the scale’s equilibrium tip back into balance?

Things that make you go……..hmmmmm