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April’s Full….

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Happy April, no jokes here….I’m embarking upon an incredibly full 4th month of 2011.

Today kicks off ScriptFrenzy and NaPoWriMo both of which I am participating in for the second year in a row. It’s a great challenge to aim for daily creativity much like NaNoWriMo is in November.

Also, I’ve got a month of training til my next race which is supposed to be a full marathon but after doing a half-marathon in March I am second guessing myself…why I really don’t know. I finished just 1 min 10 sec. off my desired finish time so I am really happy about that and thinking what I could have done differently. It’s still being kicked around in my head so I have no idea where I will end with my decision…other than I will still most likely be lining up at the starting gate.

Another fun, creative thing I will kick off this month is knitting. I’ve been wanting to work it in and approached a lady in one of the knitting clubs and decided it could fit my schedule to meet up twice monthly. The timing is perfect as I will have enough time to get some things made for next fall/winter. Kinda excited, no lie.

Toss in all the other normal everyday stuff I have going and you see it will be a busy, busy, busy month of April for me! I will drop the update posts as I see fit.

May you all have….

~Peace & Blessings~


It’s December Already….(and yes, it’s snowing in Ohio)

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It just seems like we were welcoming in the year and now here we are ready to usher out 2010. The older I’ve become the more I realize how time is not promised and how fleeting it truly is so you have to live life to the fullest and make the most of every day that you’re blessed to walk the earth.

It’s been pretty quiet around these parts….a bit more quiet than even I expected for it to be. I embarked for the 2nd or 3rd time (lost track of the attempts, really) upon Nanowrimo, the national novel writing month contest which has occurred annually for maybe 10 or so years.

I “technically” completed the challenge by the loose standards issued for the contest. However, I am not at all even remotely disillusioned that it is a publish-worthy piece of literature. Oh sure, it has it’s spots but there is a great deal of lack of cohesion. It’s encouraged to not edit and to just write….so in that respect, I can get with the forced writing thing to promote it as a discipline or habit but life does get in the way and its a very tight timeline.

So yea, while I was approaching the contest like a college assignment….I did employ some undergrad essay methods and that really got it cracking when I needed to just write. I will go back and edit and recreate the work probably into a short story or actually maybe even use it for Script Frenzy in April 2011.

I just wanted to drop a quick few lines to let you know that I will be back on the blogging block shortly….maybe even more to come/post tonight because a lot has continued to happen throughout this year that I wish to comment or muse about….

~Peace & Blessings~