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Ahhh, where do I begin?

I’ve spent a large amount of time trying to navigate the logistics of WordPress so I’ve got several things to post but just waiting to be sure I know how to edit, format, etc. not to mention having a backup copy because I have been known to trash items by accident.

I suppose I’ll start with the basic introduction that will eventually mirror the A lil about me link once I get in there and polish it up with some flowery lingo.

I delved into the internet with both feet in the latter 90’s and haven’t looked back since.

While it’s hard to truly pinpoint when I really started formally blogging the earliest evidence I seem to find it in that true format is around 2004.

In years prior to that it I shared via websites such as Angelfire, GeoCities, BlackPlanet, etc. where you were able to create & maintain a profile page if you so chose. And boy did I choose to do so!

I took to updating backgrounds, pictures, music, articles & commentary on a fairly regular basis making it an extension of my moods and thoughts. (note do take that to mean: once I get the functionality down pat, I will be do a lot of background & theme changes) Therefore, it was pretty natural for me to fall into the blogosphere rather easily. Not to mention being a mass comm. grad to boot so it’s like a destiny fulfilled.

Although I can display extreme introvert qualities, I am completely at ease with self-expression and not lacking in opinions which I readily can deliver on quite a few things.

I absolutely love to read and have always had a voracious appetite for it as far back as I can remember. As a child, since I wasn’t permitted to bring books to the table I would always read a cereal box or package label from start to finish.

I’m talking product names, descriptions, ingredients and then going so far as to practice pronouncing them. Maybe even going to look up the words of which I didn’t quite understand the meanings. (include dictionaries, atlases & encyclopedias as some of my favorite reads)

Although I regularly surf & read, I have been lax in keeping up with the other few pages or blogs that I done but haven’t gotten back into the flow somewhat. I will eventually incorporate or link them to this because I am certain I will reference some history which lies therein.

My desire for this page is to present a more rounded & balanced view and to have it be more of a reflection of me rather than mirror the sites upon which they are hosted. If anyone is familiar with the Yahoo 360* blog I had, it will be formatted similarly in content along those lines as far as tone, topics, etc.

So here you have it, skipping forward to present day and more than likely over the course of this blog revisiting a lot of in-between details, this is whimsy that is known as me.

Hopefully, you will find something in my posts of interest or leave a comment if you wish. Enjoy.

~Peace & Blessings~