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Manifestation of Insecurities

Posted in Life Lessons with tags , on March 28, 2010 by Angela


I am fairly sure I am living & breathing more life to my own insecurity.

My problem is that on one hand I think it is an insecurity and on the other, I don’t think it is. I am teetering the line between the two but actively approaching it as an issue to overcome.

I suppose its one thing to have a mental acknowledgment of such but its a whole other level to give life to them and in some ways keep them nourished with healthy doses of neuroticism.

In reflecting, I’m not quite sure how or even when I exactly came to identify this but ever since I did bring it to my conscious attention, I have managed to harp upon it, poking and prodding it as time permits and seeing what has happened.

For the most part, it garners malicious intentions resulting in pity, sadness, fear and other emotions that are quite often leaving me in tears when I feed them (with negative-speak). Not sure if that end result is to my liking because it leaves me feeling unresolved and not with a viable solution to combating.

So now, it becomes necessary that I must develop a plan…..cause I am all about the solutions.

Stay tuned for more developing details….

~Peace & Blessings~