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I Emote, Therefore I Am

Posted in Life Lessons with tags on March 3, 2010 by Angela


Emotions are a hard thing to master and control. It’s very liberating to acknowledge and allow yourself to feel.

The negative and positive when in balance create a peacefulness of neutrality. Neutral is still charged and can become either more positive or negative. The trick is infusing the right mix of one or the other for it to be productive.

How can one who deadens then turn around & enliven themselves. The journey is twice the distance they might have originally traveled.

The past year to year & a half has been one of not only having to deal with what life has thrown my way but also one where I have peeled back layers and have encouraged myself to feel emotions that I had previously shelved or just not acknowledged for lack of time.

What an arduous journey that has been! But nonetheless a tremendous growth experience.

By allowing the negative I have been able to counteract and rein it into perspective with positive truths.

There can be no balance without equal distribution of weight on both sides…With either both being filled with something or both having nothing.

I choose to have something……