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For the Love of…….

Posted in Blessings, Gratitude, Randomosity with tags , , on May 29, 2010 by Angela


Usually when you think of dawn you think of the time just before the rising of the sun. You can see where the sun will break the horizon as it begins its ascent.

This past week I unexpectedly encountered a different type of dawn.

She was an unknown stranger who spoke words of unsolicited support & encouragement that were tailor-made for me.

The brief moments in which we crossed paths, she said things to me that were so focused and in tune with what is/was presently going on with my life that it was shocking.

And in response to my taken aback look, she simply said, “You know how I know? I’ve been there.”

Keep in mind I hadn’t revealed anything aside from a joking demeanor of nervousness & cautiousness.

I am always humbled to experience one of these moments. Moments that I have come to refer to as a “COLOR PURLE” moment (the Celie & Sophie scene in the grocery store).

Dawn’s words really resonated with me, uplifted me and fortified my spirit to make it through the rest of my week. She was truly a blessing to me and for that I am immensely grateful and give abounding thanks!!!

~peace & blessings~