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Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge ~Weigh-In~

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Lose it, won't use it....

Lose it, won’t use it….

I broke the plateau I was on & stabilized to lose another 5 lbs. in August with the help of varied workouts, more rest and diet tweaking. More challenges ahead for September as I meet my goal & make my triumphant return to a weight not seen in nearly 8 yrs. And having gotten this close….the next goal is at least an additional 10 lbs. before the holidays.

Life change is amazing!!!

~peace & blessings~


Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge ~Milestone Moments~

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Waistline not wastebasket...

Waistline not wastebasket…

Greetings friends…. It’s been awhile since time has permitted regular check-in but much as life goes on…. I have stayed the course and keep up “my temple maintenance”!

I will gladly post the official amount of weight loss after I check with the doctor. Last year I was mostly on an “anti -weighing regimen” as I concentrated on maintaining disciplines of lifestyle change. With that being the case I didn’t purchase a scale & begin systematic weight tracking until sometime in March so I am lowballing the overall number.

I am happily able to share that I’ve had some really outstanding milestones occur over this journey and especially so in the past few months including losing >16 lbs and dropping several sizes from the 12-14 range to 8…almost to my size 6 goal. Hopefully will be there by summer’s end with concentration focused on the next set of goals.

So yeah, I’m pretty much kicking butt and taking names…life has been very good!!

~peace & blessings~

Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge ~Special Event~

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Waistline not wastebasket...

Waistline not wastebasket…

Hello all…

Yes, its been awhile but don’t take that to mean I fell off. Quite the contrary. Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge is not a fad or gimmick but a way of life that I transitioned into as I entered my 40s. Having turned over a ‘new leaf’ more than 20 yrs. ago I determined to make health & wellness one of my lifelong goals. There have been ups & downs but also lots of forward movement!

Today was a major milestone. Not only did I complete another ½ marathon…I beat my former race time by 7:01 minutes and shaved :31 secs off my pace time!!!

Looking forward to achieving my next goal(s)….

Stay tuned!!

~peace & blessings~

…and thus November cometh….

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It certainly seems to me that 2012 has flown by at warp speed. It has been a year of incredible growth, changes and numerous blessings. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any more intense, it has…. I’m currently preparing myself to start the new year with an awesome mission trip abroad to South Africa!

As is my custom during the fall months, I spend several weeks reflecting upon the past year’s successes, challenges and lessons learned all in an attempted to revise, renew or set goals & disciplines to aim for in the upcoming year.

Going to South Africa is starting off the year in a really big way!

I’m excited to see the direction God is leading me while at the same time a tad bit pensive. Above all else I am determined to respond obediently to the call he is placing upon my heart with increasing faith and openness.

Spiritually I’ve endeavored to grow for nearly 18 years and its been amazingly. rewarding….that journey continues along with a host of health & wellness that have given way to major lifestyle changes.

Determined to finish 2012 stronger than I began….and happy to report that I’m “winning”!!

~peace & blessings~

Dating In A Holding Pattern….

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photo credit: SYNDYNE

This phrase definitely describes my “dating life” for a quite a bit….I have gone on a few dates and I am really resisting posting about them because they have been kinda comical.. I will allow time to past and then talk about them but I am still accepting and attempting (albeit halfheartedly at times)…but the above picture sums up what the terrain has been looking like which is why I am circling above….I’ve got plenty of reserve fuel and can wait until the skies are like this before I am cleared to land….

Last One Left On the Playground

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I often feel like I’m the last one left on the playground.

You know, like how it is during recess or whenever when you line up along the fence and pick teams?

Kinda like that.

There’s a heirarchy in the way we are are picked in life. Little did we know it would closely resemble how it was on the playyard.

Undoubtedly, the all-stars get picked first. Next come the almost all-stars. These are then followed by the friends of the all-stars. Who are just a level above the ones who are mediocre enough to be classified as neither ‘that good’ or ‘that bad’.

As the pickings keep getting slimmer, someone wonders aloud if they really have to pick any more or can they stick with what they’ve got?

The rules of fairness are you pick until there’s no one left or an odd one out.

That’s me.

Somehow or another.

I am forever feeling like odd one out.

The funny thing is you’d think I’d quit showing up to the playground. Surely you’d think I could catch the hint and quit lining up, wouldn’t you?

Yet there’s an underlying determination that drives me to keep at it, time and time again.

There’s something in me that says maybe, one day.

Maybe tomorrow or the next day.

Or the one after that.

Perhaps I won’t be the last one left on the playground.

No (Wo)Man Is An Island…Yet Mine Is So Incredibly Tranquil

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“All mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated…As therefore the bell that rings to a sermon, calls not upon the preacher only, but upon the congregation to come: so this bell calls us all: but how much more me, who am brought so near the door by this sickness….No man is an island, entire of itself…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

~~Devotions upon emergent occasions – Meditation XVII, 1624 John Donne (1572-1631)

I am certain many have heard the above quotation is some form of paraphrase, if not in its entirety or formal context.

In essence what the select snippet “No man is an island, entire of itself…” refers to is the intrinsic dependence and need for humans to interact with other humans whether that interaction is good, bad or indifferent. There is really no getting around it.

If you doubt that just think for a moment about the contrary: solitary confinement.

To a reasonably sound-minded and healthy individual this type of forced isolation is/can be considered extreme punishment because it greatly deprives them of interaction by diminishing contact to virtually non-existent levels. Quite often it produces the desired negative effect and then some.

While I totally understand this, I am one such person who values the solitude which being on my island has afforded me. Primarily in part because I’ve consciously made it such a place of paradise that when it’s contrasted with the alternative of mainland…there’s hands down no comparing the two.

One of my personality/character traits is having a quiet, soft-spoken demeanor. From my earliest memories I’ve never really felt the need to draw attention or interaction to myself.

Interestingly enough, it’s one of the very things that seem to either draw people towards me if it doesn’t at first make them uneasy. Really I came to see over time it only makes attention-seekers uneasy because how I am in many cases seems to intensify the contrast that much more which in turn just highlights it more.

I’ve always created a very pleasant, tranquil personal space. The ambiance is unparalleled because I see it as a place of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

I am the only female child of my siblings so I really didn’t interact with females in a living situation until I went away to college. I went through a few roommates who uncomfortable with my quietness thought I didn’t like them and no amount of reassurance can assure the insecure.

This isn’t reserved to women though; there are men who also don’t comprehend the benefits of a relaxed soul. I just don’t understand how if I say I am just quiet you get I’m mad or don’t like you? My answer to that is you don’t have to be around me to figure it out, so be gone. No harm, no foul, my feelings are unhurt and my conscience remains clear.

In raising my daughter, I exposed her to the beauty of a home of solitude. In many ways she’s benefitted from the chaos-free environment but being her own person she ultimately has to create her own island and that’s okay. She’s just been shown a different way.

Over the years, I have had visitors to my island with different and mixed responses. But there is an overwhelming acknowledgment of the sense of calmness that I keep within my space. Too much introduction of the wrong energy can upset the balance.

Therefore, I opt to make more frequent trips off my island than I seek to invite visitors to my island.

Despite being quiet in my demeanor, I do manage to get my fill of human interaction quite easily. Along with the genuine and natural drawing to myself that I’ve become accustomed to I am routinely subjected to unwarranted interaction. There still exists the need for people to seek to change and better my interaction experience to their liking rather than mine.

Thresholds reached I whisk myself back to paradise’s shores.

Honestly though, I’m not so much concerned with leaving MY island as much as I desire to add to it a permanent, fulltime resident. one who is content to be holed up with the likes of me.

Hmmm, if only…..

~peace & blessings~