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Going All In For 2K10

Posted in Life Lessons with tags , on March 15, 2010 by Angela

I’m not much of a gambler or card player unless we are talking solitaire or UNO (there’s a story there…) However, my former coworker/friend Darlene was quite entertaining to see.

We’ve been to a few casinos here & there but mostly we settled into a comfortable routine of unwinding & playing video Texas Hold’em during happy hours at BW3 (that’s Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck for those who may be unfamiliar).

I can barely tell you how the hierarchy of poker hands plays out but that doesn’t deter me. I figure I am a quick study and besides which I play for the fun of it and not with any real vested interest in winning. Combined with the fact that it wasn’t real money it was all in good fun.

Being the creative thinkers that we were, we quickly realized how to “read” these other players who you didn’t necessarily see because the hands are played via electronic playmakers and shown on multiple screens located throughout the restaurant & bar areas.

It became really easy to bluff our way and run the tables many evenings much to our delight.

It was fun for Darlene because she’s just that competitive and calculating and enjoyed the adrenaline rush it brought to win. She pays attention to the hands, scrutinizing the flop, the turn & the river with great intent.

It was fun for me because I’m just that analytical and nonchalant and I prefer the definitive outcome of getting a payout or going bust. I go for the obvious recognizable hands, paying alot of attention to the pattern of how other players are betting: checks, raises, calls & folds.

When it comes to the casinos, I am one to stick to a budget but my playing style will invariably end with me going all in on whatever it is slots, roulette, blackjack. I’m either going to win big or lose big and be done with it in one fell swoop, no hemming & hawing or hedging my bets.

And so it goes that this is the philosophy that I’ve applied to myself for 2010. I’m trying to make it a big one in many ways. I’m going to win big or blow it all and start from scratch another day.

This is such a labor intensive year for me as far as putting forth effort, striving for growth and facilitating change. I’ve got many balls in the air mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally…virtually every facet of my being I hope to have affected positively by this year’s end.

If all continues on the current path one will build upon another and fuse into a tightly woven and better balanced life which is the payout I’m envisioning.

I never imagined that there wouldn’t be instances that I will catch an L because that’s just the nature of life. But I show up another day with another wager to make and willing to take what comes.

It’s still early in the game for me to tell because you progress, you regress but you keep it moving nonetheless.

All I know is that I’m still showing up, I’m going hard & I’m going all in for 2010.

P.S. Can I confess that at select moments it’s been kicking my rear bigtime!?!?! (but that’s just between you & I *wink-wink*)