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Happy 2016

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Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge «APRIL CHALLENGE»

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March challenge was an #EpicFail!!! as I’ve been consumed with simultaneously fasting & training to run the Flying Pig 3-way (5k, 10k & half marathon). I’m planning to get back into toning up. Without further ado here’s April’s challenge.


Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge «FEBRUARY “TWICE-AS-NICE” CHALLENGE»

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What better way to maximize the shortest month of the year than by stacking & super-sizing fitness challenges??

No pain, no gain…so they like to remind us, anyway!

Here are the challenges I’ve chosen to embark upon. These are in addition to any other workouts I routinely engage.

These have incorporated rest days & some days will appear to be lighter but trust me, with daily living thrown in, it’ll serve to push towards some health & wellness for the day.

Personally, I like to attempt something on rest days or use them as makeup days for anytime during the month that I may slack off. My main goals above all else are proper form/execution and maintaining a challenge scenario in that I’m pushing my limitations thresholds….varied amounts of added weight, resistant and/or reps will take care of that.

Join me if you will….

Oh yeah, WE GOT THIS!!

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~peace & blessings~

Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge «JANUARY CHALLENGE»

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Although this particular challenge has only 30 days…I threw in a “last chance workout” for January 31 to finish out the month strong.

I’ll post the results of my month’s totals once I add them up.

January Challenge

January Challenge

I’m a fan of keeping track of my fitness stats because I like concrete evidence of progress or lack thereof. (I was recently looking back over a workout journal from 1998!) I have some phone apps that I use as well as online that a very impressive, at least for me.

As a somewhat early adopter of the technology, I’ve seen a lot of updates and have come in contact with a lot of different features which I’ll get into reviewing at some point. I’ll be using that data to measure my effectiveness and make modifications to my workouts.

So far, so good…

~peace & blessings~

Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge ~Weigh-In~

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Lose it, won't use it....

Lose it, won’t use it….

I broke the plateau I was on & stabilized to lose another 5 lbs. in August with the help of varied workouts, more rest and diet tweaking. More challenges ahead for September as I meet my goal & make my triumphant return to a weight not seen in nearly 8 yrs. And having gotten this close….the next goal is at least an additional 10 lbs. before the holidays.

Life change is amazing!!!

~peace & blessings~

Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge — Day #14

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Day #14 – Sunday

Day #13 – Saturday
•cardio (walking)

Day #12 – Friday

~peace & blessings~

Blog Stagnancy

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Wow, it’s been a little while. Not as long as times past in some cases but it still seems like it’s been ages since I’ve really blogged like I have the desire/want/intention.

I know the standard claim when we don’t do something is that we’ve been "sooo busy" but in most instances that is a trite term to excuse our ineffectiveness with time management. Then there are those of us, like myself, who like to do so much that it doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

Writing has always been a passion of mine so I will just have to once again adjust my schedule to be able to put pen to paper routinely. I’ve got some ideas to make it happen so I’m in the process of rolling that out.

And with that said…here’s hoping you enjoy your week!!!

~Peace & Blessings~