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Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge «FEBRUARY “TWICE-AS-NICE” CHALLENGE»

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What better way to maximize the shortest month of the year than by stacking & super-sizing fitness challenges??

No pain, no gain…so they like to remind us, anyway!

Here are the challenges I’ve chosen to embark upon. These are in addition to any other workouts I routinely engage.

These have incorporated rest days & some days will appear to be lighter but trust me, with daily living thrown in, it’ll serve to push towards some health & wellness for the day.

Personally, I like to attempt something on rest days or use them as makeup days for anytime during the month that I may slack off. My main goals above all else are proper form/execution and maintaining a challenge scenario in that I’m pushing my limitations thresholds….varied amounts of added weight, resistant and/or reps will take care of that.

Join me if you will….

Oh yeah, WE GOT THIS!!

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~peace & blessings~


Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge ~2013 Recap~

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Waistline not wastebasket...

Waistline not wastebasket…

I know traditionally that most of the “year in review” talk occurs either the last couple weeks of December and/or on the cusp of the new year… Well, I guess this post qualifies since 1) I thoughtfully pondered what I left behind as well as what lies ahead of me, 2) I confirmed & verbalize it and 3) I made a mental note, followed up with a quick draft post that is now coming to fruition.

By far the biggest news is that I succeeded in ending the year in considerably better shape than I was when it began.

As I prepared to make the transition from my 30s, I launched my FIT FAB 40s LIFESTYLE CHANGES and have been traversing the course diligently.

At that time I thought I was in decent shape due to some dietary changes that are still in place. It can basically be summed up as I adopted a flexitarian/semi-vegetarian diet which means I eat more vegetarian fare (not to mention organic, non-GMO & gluten-free) than I choose to eat meat, though I’ve chosen to avoid pork for health reasons since my 20s.

Personally I’ve found it more difficult to make myself eat meat and will have to consciously plan to eat it. Well, aside from ordering it when I’m dining out because I’ve got a handful of real meat options that I rotate throughout my diet for protein & omega-3s.

Somewhere along the line an unexpected, newfound love of spinning gradually but rapidly developed and I found myself inducted into the collective known as the triple spin club.


The combination of diet and fitness helped me to shed an eye-popping, jaw-dropping 30 lbs. over the span of several months. Once the right mix of these clicked, I amazed myself by even skipping a size as I made my descent. I have had to purged my closet… twice! But as the saying goes “the third time’s a charm….” I am gearing up for the mother of all purging. Yes, that’s right, hopefully this year’s spring cleaning will see me muster the strength and part ways with the last of my double-digit sized “fat clothes”.

While I’ve never been one to wear stretchy-fabric, elastic-waist or potato sack-baggy clothes, it’s a huge leap to take away the safety net of having pieces in your wardrobe which are a size larger than what you’re currently wearing. As I continue enjoying the freedom of buying smaller sizes (without having to try-on, no less…..) to replenish my closet, I plan to settle in and enjoy the thrill of the ride wherever it takes me….

~Peace & Blessings~

How to: Calculate Fat Intake

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 Oriental Trading Apple calculator

There is the general consensus that you should strive to consume portions in which the total number of calories from fat is <30%.

This is all well & good and for some it’s easy to just do low-fat and be done. Then there is a lot of packaging that includes this detailed breakdown so the work is done for you.

 But what if  the nutritional information panel is lacking or you want to indulge and are trying to see just how much you need to modify that tasty little morsel without obliterating your progress towards your goals?

Well, this is for those who wish to know and keep track.

1). You need to figure out how many fat grams as well as calories per serving.  For example purposes of this method let’s say we have the following:  7 grams of fat and 140 calories per serving.

2). Determine the number of calories from fat. This can be listed on the label but if not then here’s the rule of thumb to work with: there are 9 calories in each gram of fat. Therefore, using the information from step #1  our computation would be as follows:

7 grams of fat x 9 = 63 calories per serving from fat

3). Next, we will need to divide the fat calories we calculated from step #2 by the calories per serving from step #1 and then multiply the resulting number by 100. Which would give the following computation:

 short form 63 -/- 140 * 100

 long form 63 -/- 140 = .45    

.45 * 100 = 45% calories from fat

I won’t get all preachy about what that says about that particular food choice….consult your physician/dietician/nutrtionist and see what they recommend.

It’s all about making responsible eating decisions and maintaining  moderate exercise within your lifestyle.

KEEP IN MIND: many times pre-package portions can be “tricky” and give you the information for a 1/2 a serving but the package size contains more than that half a serving so you need to multiply these numbers accordingly.


A Square Peg Amidst Round Holes….

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It seems inevitable at some point in life we are confronted with the proverbial situation of encountering a square peg when we have round holes. It presents quite the conundrum but even more so challenging when WE are the square pegs having to fit into the round holes.

For many there is a forced assimilation which while it achieves the desired group fit, something isn’t quite right…

…there is a tendency to alter the original state and quite often it leaves the original square peg…still square in some respects, just a bit splintered….

…still in other instances, pieces of the original square peg are removed so it is no longer its original square state yet neither is it truly round, it’s an odd amalgamation which attracts more curiosity due to it’s manipulation…

…however, there always exists the instance wherein the square is stronger than the hole into which it’s being forced and demands that the hole accommodate the square peg in its unique, individual WHOLENESS

I will leave it up to you to guess which of these is applicable to me, more often than not…

~peace & blessings~

April’s Full: Day Four

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Very light writing this evening…so hard to do without being up all night during the week….I mainly did a little light outlining into the body of work before I forget what it is I was thinking about all day during work when I wish I could have been writing….actual dialogue and particulars to come as I flesh it out.

~Peace & Blessings~

April’s Full: Day Three

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graphic courtesy of: COGNITIVE DISTORTION

Short and sweet update….

Made the daily page goal of writing but still not where I need to be to date due to daydreaming, formatting, people-watching and other non-sense such as that…

One poem written this weekend…

Feeling even more confident I will meet these challenges….

~Peace & Blessings~

April’s Full….

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Happy April, no jokes here….I’m embarking upon an incredibly full 4th month of 2011.

Today kicks off ScriptFrenzy and NaPoWriMo both of which I am participating in for the second year in a row. It’s a great challenge to aim for daily creativity much like NaNoWriMo is in November.

Also, I’ve got a month of training til my next race which is supposed to be a full marathon but after doing a half-marathon in March I am second guessing myself…why I really don’t know. I finished just 1 min 10 sec. off my desired finish time so I am really happy about that and thinking what I could have done differently. It’s still being kicked around in my head so I have no idea where I will end with my decision…other than I will still most likely be lining up at the starting gate.

Another fun, creative thing I will kick off this month is knitting. I’ve been wanting to work it in and approached a lady in one of the knitting clubs and decided it could fit my schedule to meet up twice monthly. The timing is perfect as I will have enough time to get some things made for next fall/winter. Kinda excited, no lie.

Toss in all the other normal everyday stuff I have going and you see it will be a busy, busy, busy month of April for me! I will drop the update posts as I see fit.

May you all have….

~Peace & Blessings~