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Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge «MARCH CHALLENGE»

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Here’s the challenge I’ve chosen with spring coming this month….never too soon to ease our way towards warmer weather bodies!!

Beach Body Challenge


Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge ~2013 Recap~

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Waistline not wastebasket...

Waistline not wastebasket…

I know traditionally that most of the “year in review” talk occurs either the last couple weeks of December and/or on the cusp of the new year… Well, I guess this post qualifies since 1) I thoughtfully pondered what I left behind as well as what lies ahead of me, 2) I confirmed & verbalize it and 3) I made a mental note, followed up with a quick draft post that is now coming to fruition.

By far the biggest news is that I succeeded in ending the year in considerably better shape than I was when it began.

As I prepared to make the transition from my 30s, I launched my FIT FAB 40s LIFESTYLE CHANGES and have been traversing the course diligently.

At that time I thought I was in decent shape due to some dietary changes that are still in place. It can basically be summed up as I adopted a flexitarian/semi-vegetarian diet which means I eat more vegetarian fare (not to mention organic, non-GMO & gluten-free) than I choose to eat meat, though I’ve chosen to avoid pork for health reasons since my 20s.

Personally I’ve found it more difficult to make myself eat meat and will have to consciously plan to eat it. Well, aside from ordering it when I’m dining out because I’ve got a handful of real meat options that I rotate throughout my diet for protein & omega-3s.

Somewhere along the line an unexpected, newfound love of spinning gradually but rapidly developed and I found myself inducted into the collective known as the triple spin club.


The combination of diet and fitness helped me to shed an eye-popping, jaw-dropping 30 lbs. over the span of several months. Once the right mix of these clicked, I amazed myself by even skipping a size as I made my descent. I have had to purged my closet… twice! But as the saying goes “the third time’s a charm….” I am gearing up for the mother of all purging. Yes, that’s right, hopefully this year’s spring cleaning will see me muster the strength and part ways with the last of my double-digit sized “fat clothes”.

While I’ve never been one to wear stretchy-fabric, elastic-waist or potato sack-baggy clothes, it’s a huge leap to take away the safety net of having pieces in your wardrobe which are a size larger than what you’re currently wearing. As I continue enjoying the freedom of buying smaller sizes (without having to try-on, no less…..) to replenish my closet, I plan to settle in and enjoy the thrill of the ride wherever it takes me….

~Peace & Blessings~

Fit Fab 40s Fitness Challenge ~Milestone Moments~

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Waistline not wastebasket...

Waistline not wastebasket…

Greetings friends…. It’s been awhile since time has permitted regular check-in but much as life goes on…. I have stayed the course and keep up “my temple maintenance”!

I will gladly post the official amount of weight loss after I check with the doctor. Last year I was mostly on an “anti -weighing regimen” as I concentrated on maintaining disciplines of lifestyle change. With that being the case I didn’t purchase a scale & begin systematic weight tracking until sometime in March so I am lowballing the overall number.

I am happily able to share that I’ve had some really outstanding milestones occur over this journey and especially so in the past few months including losing >16 lbs and dropping several sizes from the 12-14 range to 8…almost to my size 6 goal. Hopefully will be there by summer’s end with concentration focused on the next set of goals.

So yeah, I’m pretty much kicking butt and taking names…life has been very good!!

~peace & blessings~

Health & Wellness Week: September 2011

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Hello & welcome to the 9th monthly week-long installment devoted to all things in the health & wellness genre.

Wow, how did we get here?!?!?! Wasn’t it just January a blink of the eye ago?

I am really excited about this particular feature and renewed my endeavors to keep this portion of the blog alive and thriving despite the pull of life.

Traditionally for me September is a month of heavy reflection, reassessing goals and a look ahead to the upcoming year.

This month will have the usual fare and hopefully there will be something that sparks interest in you.

With that in mind…..let’s kick the week off on a wonderfully healthy note!

~Peace & Blessings~


April’s Full: Day Four

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Very light writing this evening…so hard to do without being up all night during the week….I mainly did a little light outlining into the body of work before I forget what it is I was thinking about all day during work when I wish I could have been writing….actual dialogue and particulars to come as I flesh it out.

~Peace & Blessings~

April’s Full: Day Three

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graphic courtesy of: COGNITIVE DISTORTION

Short and sweet update….

Made the daily page goal of writing but still not where I need to be to date due to daydreaming, formatting, people-watching and other non-sense such as that…

One poem written this weekend…

Feeling even more confident I will meet these challenges….

~Peace & Blessings~

April’s Full….

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Happy April, no jokes here….I’m embarking upon an incredibly full 4th month of 2011.

Today kicks off ScriptFrenzy and NaPoWriMo both of which I am participating in for the second year in a row. It’s a great challenge to aim for daily creativity much like NaNoWriMo is in November.

Also, I’ve got a month of training til my next race which is supposed to be a full marathon but after doing a half-marathon in March I am second guessing myself…why I really don’t know. I finished just 1 min 10 sec. off my desired finish time so I am really happy about that and thinking what I could have done differently. It’s still being kicked around in my head so I have no idea where I will end with my decision…other than I will still most likely be lining up at the starting gate.

Another fun, creative thing I will kick off this month is knitting. I’ve been wanting to work it in and approached a lady in one of the knitting clubs and decided it could fit my schedule to meet up twice monthly. The timing is perfect as I will have enough time to get some things made for next fall/winter. Kinda excited, no lie.

Toss in all the other normal everyday stuff I have going and you see it will be a busy, busy, busy month of April for me! I will drop the update posts as I see fit.

May you all have….

~Peace & Blessings~