…And So, December Cometh

Greetings friends,

Welcome to December 2011 and Happy Friday Eve,

Hope the week has been a good one for you. Mine has been pretty good as I get myself back in the groove after returning to work this past Monday from a 18-day vacation/stay-cation.

I was blessed to spend 2/3 of the month of November in an extreme state of calm. This worked well into my master plan as I prepared myself for entering into the new year.

For a while I have tended to use the fall months as a period of time where I take stock of what has been learned, gained and accomplished thus far over the year. The purpose of this is to align the information with goals and actions which I had desired to achieve or work on that had been carefully established the prior year.

I know many people say they don’t make resolutions but in my limited experience that has almost always seemed to be the people that characteristically lack discipline in one or more areas of their life…most often it is in the “more” category…and they aren’t the type of people that I tend to put much stock in, I’m sorry to have to admit.

I think lack of discipline is a fundamental choice and hugely damaging character flaw, not something I tend to easily be able to overlook when determining the depth of friendship with them. Please don’t mistake me, I don’t judge by any means because neither can I reward nor condemn anyone for their personal conduct. I can only take care of me and mine.

Once again, limited life experience has taught me that people who lack discipline don’t take too kindly to people that maintain accountability and strive to improve/achieve rather than just “letting it all hang out”

I am starting the month anew with re-dedication to former established goals as well as re-starting some others that seemed to stall a bit.

I am excited with kick-starting the prospect of more growth in the upcoming year this December….not to mention it’s my birth month so I am in a further state of joy!!!

P.S. Only 28 more shopping days til my birthday!!!!


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