I’m Falling In Love…

This is my absolute favorite season out of the year…

Well, in actuality being the true Midwesterner that I am, I suppose I enjoy having four distinct seasons equally and appreciate them all for what they have to offer….so it sums it up just to say that “I’m Falling In Love…”

…with the crisp, cool evenings and brisk, chilling mornings.

…with the vibrant explosion of colors of foliage in preparation itself for winter.

…with the fall holidays.

…with the sun as it peeks out for its limited engagement day by day.

…with the earlier arrival of the lesser of the great lights God blessed us with (Genesis 1:16) to fulfill its uniquely designed purpose.

…with the cooler weather fashions: boots, scarves, sweaters and such

Happy Autumnal Equinox….


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