How to: Calculate Fat Intake

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There is the general consensus that you should strive to consume portions in which the total number of calories from fat is <30%.

This is all well & good and for some it’s easy to just do low-fat and be done. Then there is a lot of packaging that includes this detailed breakdown so the work is done for you.

 But what if  the nutritional information panel is lacking or you want to indulge and are trying to see just how much you need to modify that tasty little morsel without obliterating your progress towards your goals?

Well, this is for those who wish to know and keep track.

1). You need to figure out how many fat grams as well as calories per serving.  For example purposes of this method let’s say we have the following:  7 grams of fat and 140 calories per serving.

2). Determine the number of calories from fat. This can be listed on the label but if not then here’s the rule of thumb to work with: there are 9 calories in each gram of fat. Therefore, using the information from step #1  our computation would be as follows:

7 grams of fat x 9 = 63 calories per serving from fat

3). Next, we will need to divide the fat calories we calculated from step #2 by the calories per serving from step #1 and then multiply the resulting number by 100. Which would give the following computation:

 short form 63 -/- 140 * 100

 long form 63 -/- 140 = .45    

.45 * 100 = 45% calories from fat

I won’t get all preachy about what that says about that particular food choice….consult your physician/dietician/nutrtionist and see what they recommend.

It’s all about making responsible eating decisions and maintaining  moderate exercise within your lifestyle.

KEEP IN MIND: many times pre-package portions can be “tricky” and give you the information for a 1/2 a serving but the package size contains more than that half a serving so you need to multiply these numbers accordingly.



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  1. This is definitely a good post and news anyone looking to maintain or lose weight can use. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been in discussions with various people on dieting lately.

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