Guilty ….yet FREE from Guilt

I recently had a discussion with someone and the topic of guilt came up. I was asked if I felt “guilt” about something I had done. My response was that of all the things I felt, I did not feel guilt.

I can imagine to many that this concept sounds like it’s dripping with insincerity so I set about trying to articulate in words what it is that I believe. Hopefully this makes sense and doesn’t jump around too much as I am one who is prone to still ruminate and challenge myself about my beliefs…even as I type this.

I will start off by qualifying that this is something I view through the looking glass which seeks to reflect the desires of God. So for many who aren’t Christ-followers, and even some who consider themselves Christ-followers, it can seem like a stretch of the imagination.

If/when I am guilty of an offense, more often than not, I choose to make confession. This is actually something I’ve done since early childhood. Of course, we are conditioned to cover our behinds but as the mind develops and understands you achieve a state that lets you know it is a whole lot easier to rat yourself out as opposed to having someone else hold it over your head.

I am not by any means saying that I immediately jump into confession/admission each and every time but with the right mindset it is usually an inevitability.

So, once I acknowledge or accept that I am guilty and make confession. I then have to be done with the mentality of rehashing that particular scenario. Keeping in mind that I cannot control others actions, merely my own. I can be okay with myself even if you are not okay with me/what was done that’s the beauty of forgiveness which is also in place when we choose to forgive ourselves of our recognized shortfalls.

If believers truly are accepting of the fact that God forgives us totally and fully repeatedly…then this isn’t a wholly foreign concept to wrap your head around.

Once we make confession, repentance and ask forgiveness. God assures us that we are forgiven and that He will not remember; it isn’t that He cannot remember but that HE WILL NOT REMEMBER!

That means no holding animosity in reserve. We are washed anew as if our transgression never happened and we are treated as such. That’s a promise we can rest assuredly.

Similarly, we can choose through use of our will to not remember, to not relive or wrack ourselves with feelings of guilt.

Guilt places us in an active state of remembrance. And if we are in this state of guilt then we cannot be in agreement with God and He trumps us every time as far as this remembering thing goes (see above: He doesn’t remember).

Guilt places us in opposition to what God has declared to us and in effect we are casting a light of doubt upon the veracity of His Word.

And another thing about guilt is that it can lead you further apart in your relationship with God because when we focus on the past we are not concentrating on the things of now or being receptive and inviting Him to lead us where He wills to do.

That’s the short, concise version without getting into a bunch of scriptural references but I can/will tag them later.

As always, I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that this may spark….not necessarily trying to debate however because we all are entitled to our opinion/perspectives.

~Peace & Blessings~


One Response to “Guilty ….yet FREE from Guilt”

  1. Well versed, Angela….I agree with u here.

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